DD's life in an eggshell

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Tue May 24 10:10:07 CEST 1994

Knut Hunstad wrote:

> I finally found my copy of the norwegian version of the 50-years story for 
> DD: "My life in an eggshell".

FYI: This story is from Italy, drawn (and written, if I'm not mistaken) by
Marco Rota.

> [Donald's name]
> was invented by Grandma after $crooge saying the baby reminded him of his 
> old friend from Alaska: Ronald (anyone heard of him before?).

In Holland, the old friend is a "Cowboy from California". The story was
originally published when Ronald Reagan was USA president.

> Later the story tells about his nephews. This part is more correct, saying 
> they just stand knocking on his door one day. Except I thought the letter 
> was from his sister, not his cousine (as this story tells).

Information from our ftp file 'huey-dewey-louie': HDL first appear in a 
newspaper strip where Donald gets a letter from his _cousin_ Della. In the
cartoon, where they appeared shortly thereafter, the letter is from Donald's
_sister_ Dumbella. In neither case the letter states explicitly that the
writer is HDL's mother.

> The rest of the story consists mainly of stand-up-comedian-like frames where 
> he tells about his many travels, employments etc. I didn't find many 
> references to classic storys here!

The story is FULL of references to DD cartoons (WWII and others), Barks 
stories and some stories my Rota himself. I haven't read the story for a 
while, but I remember scenes with DD and a frog, DD bull fighting and DD
in the mountains (referring to the forest fire story in Vacation Parade #1).

> All in all this sums up to beeing a pitiful attempt to invent a "true" story 
> about DD, totally disregarding most of what has been common knowledge for a 
> long time.

Here I don't agree. There is no "common knowledge" disregarded, at least not
European knowledge. I only heard on this mailing list that Grandma is _not_
Scrooge's sister, and I'm sure everyone else in Holland (including the
Dutch editor) thinks she _is_.

Rota just didn't do his research as thoroughly as Rosa does.
And you must admit: the story is beautifully drawn.


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