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The mice on Grandma Ducks' farm.
     They are from "Cinderella". But even if they live at Grandma's 
farm in the present, they still live in castle, with Cinderella and
the prince, in the 16th century. At least they did in the 60's, er...

Dwight: SWEDEN: Is THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE available on video?
     If it is of any interest, I saw a copy of the Norwegian album
version today. If you know Swedish and Danish, it's probably easy 
to learn Norwegian :-)

Donald as a sport fan.
     There is an article in the latest DD&Co about sport in 
Duckburg. It's not like the articles in Gladstones magazines
though. Just panels from several stories with a little piece
of text, like: "Once Donald Duck did... bla bla bla".

Donald Duck & Co #44

There are signs of lack of fantasy in the latest issue.
Most of the magazine consists of two ten-pagers and one eight-
pager with Donald. In addition to these are the end of the 
Mickey story with prof. Dustibones, a newspaper strip, and a
one-pager with Scamp.

The newspaper strip is one of the early strips with Grandma Duck
(1948, I think). Donald is showing Grandma all of Daisy's talents.
   "Sweet, but can she cook?"

In the first DD story Donald is a journalist, a very good one. He
is teaching the nephews how to become good journalists (they are 
working in the newspaper of the Junior Woodchucks), but the nephews
don't like the way Donald is _making_ news, to get a good story.
In the end he makes a fool of himself, and the nephews get his job.

In the next one (8 pages) he is working for Uncle Scrooge. In the 
first panel he's washing Scrooges' car. He then tells Scrooge he
wants something more challenging (nothing new about that...). He 
don't get anything, and then quits (that's not so usual). He gets
a job (as a cannon ball) in a cirkus, and ends up making a mess of
everything. Guess who owns the cirkus. Hmmm... no code? It's 
certainly a new story, and I'm sure it's Danish.

In the third story, Donald is the coach of a soccer team. The 
members of the team are the nephews and some other kids. Donald 
tries to get Scrooge as a sponsor, which he actually agrees in, if
Donald is washing his car two times a week for one year (the circle
is concluded then, I guess...). The story is quiet boring. The only
thing that's supposed to be funny, is a policeman on a motorcycle, 
giving a ticket to Donald all the time. (D91409)

Then comes the last part of the Mickey Mouse story. It's quiet good
(the art is very good), but it's a bit short. This story would be
better in three parts, than only two, I think. 
I do think I was correct in assuming it was inspired by the movie
"Jurassic Parc"... (D93323)

The last "story" is, as I said, a one-pager with Scamp. (KF 2-2-58)
The Snow White movie isn't mentioned at all. Not even in the
advertisements. Strange.

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