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Fri Nov 4 02:21:48 CET 1994

> There are signs of lack of fantasy in the latest issue.

> You mean imagination. Sorry, but I didn't want anyone getting confused.

No need to be sorry. I'd rather thank you for telling me :)
The reason why I used the word "fantasy" is that we have the Norwegian
word "fantasi", which means "imagination". The direct translation of
"imagination" into Norwegian does not mean "fantasi"...

>The Professor (Wagstaff/Moschops) actually admits that he got the
>idea from 'a film' :-) At least he does in the German version.


   Little Toot.
How could they lose the rights? Does that mean someone else got them?
I know Walt Disney himself lost the rights to that rabbit, but how can
the, er... present Walt Disney do that?
And what film is that? It was a surprise to me that Br'er Rabbit was
something more than just a Disney character living in the Black Forest,
and now I understand that Little Toot is something more than just a
comic character. I bet there are no ethnic group involved in tug
business, though :)   

What about Bongo? Is he a movie character too?

   Character couplings.
As far as I remember, there are several stories with Grandma Duck and
Zeke Wolf. Aren't at least some of these drawn by Carl Barks? 
As usual I'll have to count on my memory. The last time I calculated 
it, my Disney comics collection consisted of about 150,000 pages.
There isn't enough space for that in the student appartments.

David mentioned the Egmont monthly 11/88.        
    I've got the Norwegian MM 11/88, but I've read it only once, and 
that means it's six years since I read it...
    I got a lot of DD&Co from the mid seventies last summer. In one of
them is a two-pager where Goofy is working for Scrooge. I don't remember 
what it was about, but whatever it was, someone goofed it up.

I've read a couple of Italian stories where Mickey & co. is watching 
movies they've acted in. But those movies were "fictional", not like
the movies in Gottfredson's stories.

The combination of Witch Hazel and Goofy is usual in Italian stories.
She's working real hard to make Goofy believe that she's really a witch.

Anders says that Gyro have met Zeke and the pigs.
Is that a story where Gyro is making gadgets for Zeke, to catch the
pigs? Sounds familiar. I don't think I've seen the Moby Duck story,
but I do remeber a story with Zeke and Jiminy Cricket. Jiminy is
hiding in Zekes hat, to tell him what to do, and not to do (mostly the

> "Bah!  Why couldn't beavers do the work, while we wolves collected 
> the money?"
And the beavers end up working with their tails, on the wolf :)

BTW: It's a so called lemming year here. That means there are a _lot_
of lemmings! I'm sure you all know wich story I'm thinking about :-)
I guess the foreign country in the story is called "Norway" in all
translations but the Norwegian... Here it's called something like
"Cheeze Country"...
The cats are certainly having a lot of fun these days.

   Jorgen A. Bangor (jorgenb at

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