Murry and Goofy's "bags". tallmo at
Sun Nov 6 17:12:27 CET 1994

David Gerstein:

Thanks for interesting facts about MM and Paul Murry. Is there any
literature about him? I agree with what seems to be generally accepted that
Murry is the best, for the mystery/detective kind of stories anyway.

A little silly detail: Does anyone know if Murry drew Goofy in the same way
all the time, with those long shoes, extremely bony - and with those funny
"bags" on his elbows (a very well worn sweater). Some stories I have seen
have all the Murry characteristics - but no "bags". Are there other artists
working in a pseudo-Murry style?

Karl-Erik Tallmo

KARL-ERIK TALLMO, Swedish writer, journalist, critic and HyperCard
programmer, living in Stockholm. Contributor of articles to Nordic dailies
and magazines. Writes about music, literature and computers. Also DTP,
Swedish grammar checking, translation, etc. through the private firm NISUS

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