mail problem

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at
Mon Nov 7 02:11:55 CET 1994

Problems with mail to
I know this should have been sent directly to Per, but since this
could be a problem for other than just me, I'm sending it to the list.
In a resent letter Harry said he had read a story about Mim which I 
commented earlier. The strange thing is that this letter (from me) didn't 
show up on the newsgroup fa.disney-comics. I checked if I had got a
bounce-mail on that date(31. september), but I hadn't. 
According to Harry, David had read another story which I commented.
I haven't seen this letter from David. Neither have I seen the letter
from Dwight, to David, last Monday, which Harry also commented.
     The conclusion is, if anyone is wondering, I don't think every letter
sent to disney-comics shows up in the Usenet newsgroup.
    So, Per, could you put me on the list? 


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