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Wed Nov 9 01:08:41 CET 1994

The Walt Disney Theatre
The name is Captain Hook.. yes, I knew that...
His name in Norway is "Kaptein Krok"(which means Captain "Hook"...), 
and he _is_ a crook, isn't he? :)

So this was a series of parodies on famous stories. I remember the
Robinson story. Actually it was one of my favourites when I was very
young. I loved the house in the tree. I used to make models of it with
a lot of small corridors in the branches.
    I guess the story, recently reprinted by Gladstone, about Mickey
as a captain on a ship, on which Minnie is a passenger, is also one of 
these (?). 

The Norwegian publisher is also a bit afraid of references to drinks
that contain alcohol. It's a bit strange to se a character enter a bar,
and order some soft drink... But I _have_ seen the Beagle Boys, in an 
Italian story, enter a pub ordering beer. And ind the Norwegian reprint
of Gottfredson's "Island in the sky", Peg Leg Pete becomes drunk, 
drinking champagne.

Li'l Davy
The story I was referring to is no newspaper strip story, although
it could have been a redrawing, of course.

The MM stories with real people
Only one of them have been published in Norway. It's constantly 
being refered to in contests as "when is the only time Mickey Mouse
has met real people?".
    I agree that the story isn't worth talking a lot about, but still
I would like to see the other two. As you say, it was an interesting 

The "Niagara Fools" story
Actually, the park ranger is a big brown owl in uniform.

The white cat and the newspaper stories
He appeared quite often in Norway in the late sixties, and early
seventies. He was certainly a regualr character at that time. Now
he seldom shows up.

I believe that Byron Erickson knows what he's talking about, but this
newspaper job was not just some supervising. The stories were always
only about the newspaper. Scrooge is really conserned every time some
other newspaper is selling better. Once Donald and Fethry are sent out
to ask people what they think of the newspaper. They aren't doing this 
job too good (either).
     I guess the story you are refering to is the story where HDL want
to learn how to run a newspaper. They end up taking over the editors
(Scrooge's) office. 

Alternate universes
You (David) seem to be worried about how newer generations will look 
upon  Disney characters after they have run through Disney's money 
squeezing machine. This is probably a problem local to USA (yes, I
know there are quite a lot of people). The Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers
etc. are not popular in Norway, and as far as I know, not in the rest
of Scandinavia either.
    Since the Disney comics are very little known, or unpopular, in 
the US, wouldn't these Disney productions help making them more popular,
even if they are "other characters"? I guess not... I'm not familiar with 
how things work in the US.

Don in Norway
Don, I meant to introduce myself to you at the University of Oslo (I'm at
the Faculty of Math and Natural Sciences), but you disappeared into 
the room of Realistforeningen before I reached you. Later, at the table
in the room of Realistforeningen, you seemed so busy that I didn't want 
to disturb you. You remember, of course, that there were a lot of people
hanging around you, who wanted autographs etc., and you only had time
to stay there for a short time. I don't think I would have become very 
popular if I made you use a lot of time only for me.
But if you remember some guy telling you, while you signed a couple of 
issues for him, that he was on the mailing list, that was me.

About the lecture. This wasn't only a lecture for me. It was also the first
time I saw you for real (unfortunately, I couldn't come the last time you 
visited our universtity). That made it a great event for me. I already
knew most of your answers to the questions, from reading this list, but
I certainly liked to hear them directly from you, instead of just reading 
them. I didn't ask you any questions at the lecture, because I thought 
that I could do it here, if I had any. Then I could just listen if 
anyone else had any clever questions that I hadn't thought of.

And now when, I hope :) , I have your attention: Do you have any idea about
when we will see a new story by you in Norway. It's been too long since 
the last time.

I wonder what Michel Nadrop and Mau Heymans mean by "the Disney style"...
I guess it's Mau Heymans' front covers we've been seeing for some years
now, or am I totally wrong?

Seems to me that I better stop now. Somehow I don't manage to make short

               "Du skjonner jo ingenting onkel! Gronnmeisene er _jenter_!"

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