"Remade" duck characters

Wilmer Rivers rivers at seismo.CSS.GOV
Wed Nov 9 03:28:24 CET 1994

Do you have any details about what the "new" Daisy will be like in
the TV series?  Why is she being changed, and to what?  As for the
nephews as teenagers, will they be like the cartoon version (shown
framed by a story with Ludwig Von Drake as a child psychologist who
follows them from their early years as they grow up) in that 'toon
in which they fill up the car's tires with helium?  there, the
teenaged ducks weren't too different from their normal appearance.
But I'm worried about Daisy.  If Disney puts a big merchandising
push behind this show, then the "new" version will certainly become
the "official" Daisy Duck forever more...

Wilmer Rivers

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