Disney-comics digest #492.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Tue Nov 15 05:24:54 CET 1994

	"Ducktales"? I always liked "Ducktales" when I saw it a few
times. It was excellent animation and non-violent plots, at least by
modern TV standards. The fact that it screwed with the actual versions
of the characters never bothered me since I always saw it as a
completely different Uncle $crooge than in the comic books. This was
simply some different character than the one I grew up with and now
worked on, but since Disney (through some legal quirk) owned
Barks'/Dell's character, they had the right to use his name and general
likeness on this new character. It came and it went. Everything's back
to normal now.
	Whatever atrocities "Duck Daze" does to Donald and HDL, it will
be the same thing. They will be altogether different folks than the
comics characters, so I couldn't care less. The TV show will come and
go, the comic books will live on and on, so no harm will be done.

	Yes, "D.U.C.K." is in that "Golden Fleecing" cover, but I recall
that it didn't fit in just like I'd planned  it... came out kinda
sloppy. But it should be there.
	But when you can't find "D.U.C.K." on one of my covers, don't go
nuts since it might not be there. If it's not a Barks reprint or one of
my sequels, it's not there. And on older covers, I may not have begun
hiding the dedication on the cover as well as the story splash-panel.

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