Disney-comics digest #493.

H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Wed Nov 16 16:56:02 CET 1994

Lucifer; Barks giveaways
> Lucifer is ALSO in the BARKS DD 10-pager about putting that shell of plastic 
> around US's money (from WDC 172, or wherever). [it's WDC 171]

I hate to think that that's Lucifer. It's just a cat looking a lot like
him. Just like the rich guy in WDC 45: that's not Black Pete, he just
looks like him. And the official hound in the Junior Woodchuck stories
looks like Pluto, but that was a mistake from the editors.

> Gladstone seems to have SKIPPED "Race to the South 
> Seas" and "Darkest Africa" in preparing its CBL DDA albums.

Maybe (wishful thinking) they have a BETTER version of those stories
(not re-inked by Jippes and Vlottes), and need more time to restore,
re-letter and re-colour those versions? (If only that could be true..)

Dutch Tales
A non-Disney subject again, with side relations to Disney (I'm
replying to Dwight and Fredrik here).

Dwight about Tom Poes (is that also his English name?):
> Our Dutch friends will recognize the original Dutch
> title of "Als Je Begrijpt Wat Ik Bedoel"

As Dwight said: there are at least two kinds of Tom Poes stories:
- The newspaper stories, without balloons, with separate text. They reprinted
  a lot of these stories in books, but the drawings were made very small.
  Obviously, the editor thought the text was much more important.
  All newspaper strips are now reprinted in albums in their original format
  (2/3 drawings, 1/3 text).

  Marten Toonder did all the texts himself, and most of the drawings. He
  got drawing assistance from various studio artists, like Fred Julsing.

  Dwight said "it's considered Dutch literature in some quarters". I think 
  it is. At least the Dutch language got some new expressions and words
  from Toonder's work.

- The balloon strips as were published in Dutch Donald Duck Weekly, starting 
  in 1953. Toonder did nothing himself on these stories. They were made
  by writers and artists from the Toonder studio. These same artists also
  made Disney stories for the Dutch DD Weekly in the 60s (people like
  Patty Klein, Jan van Haasteren, Jan Steeman, Piet Wijn).

> Tom Poes is a white cat that is nominally the star of the strip, but [..]
> (some people call collections of the strip "Bommel-Boeken").

The newspaper strips mostly carry titles like "Heer Bommel and ...", while
the DD Weekly strips were called "Tom Poes and ...". So the 'newspaper'
fans call them Bommel comics, while fans that know the strip from DD Weekly
(like I) talk about "Tom Poes comics"...

Dwight about Tom Poes in Dutch DD Weekly:
> one of the few examples of non-Disney material in a Disney
> comic that I can think of

The Dutch DD Weekly (almost) always had a non-Disney sequence strip
from 1953 on. Up to 1969 it was Tom Poes. After that a lot of (mostly
Dutch) stories appeared. For example by Dick Matena (we discussed this
briefly before) and Piet Wijn ("Douwe Dabbert"). Sometimes, a Disney
story is published in stead, like at this moment: The Lion King.


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