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 I've checked my records, Jorgen.  STAMP ACT is scheduled for March,
 1995 publication.  I show the artist as Xavi (which sounds to me
 more Spanish than Italian, but hope that maybe folks here can set
 me straight.)

BTW, I see that WALDEN DUCK POND (which I co-wrote with Pat McGreal
-- drawn by Raf) is out in this month's Onkel Jochem.

This is one of our very first efforts and we clearly worked with
Bark's style in our heads having never seen any of the Europeans
beyond Vicar or the occasional Branca.

You mentioned how in the best comics, story and art work together
as one thing.  And how in lesser comics they unfortunately sit side
by side like strangers on a train.

I work very hard to make sure the images I suggest to the artist are
not redundant to what the character is saying.  I believe that
though the art should be clear and the actions intelligible, the
dialogue should add an _extra_ dimension to what I have the
characters doing.  I think deeper enjoyment is possible when this
happens and the imagery is richer in the reader's mind.

David G:  Thanks for the encouraging words about the possibility of
eventual reprints of the longer material.  It would be a wonderful
surprise if it happens.
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