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Fredrik Ekman ekman at
Fri Nov 25 21:56:03 CET 1994

On Fri, 25 Nov 1994, Mike Pohjola wrote:
>     Are there any other 'canon' duck-drawers, but Rosa and Barks?
> I mean, is Al Taliafferro, for instance counted as a one?

Well, I think most of us would agree that who you consider to be canon is 
very much up to your personal taste. I would personally say that 
Taliaferro as well as Van Horn and maybe even a few selected Strobl and 
Italain stories are canon. Don, on the other hand, (as we all know) sees 
Barks as the only canon.

If you mean who professional duck writers see as canon, it seems as 
though at least Egmont's writers only go by the Barks ducks. Perhaps 
David or some of our other pros can give us more info on this?


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