Disney-comics digest #502.

Dave Rawson Dave.Rawson at salata.com
Sat Nov 26 05:08:14 CET 1994

My two cents on waddie:  a wadi is a dry creek in Africa prone to
flash floods (I seem to remember David Attenburough standing in one
amidst a dry wash of ancient bones). This is much like a gully or
wash here in the states which also remain dry, but carry runoff
during a heavy rain.

In the American southwest a "dry-gulcher" was an ambush robber.

Wadai is a former sultanate of the Sudan, now in the eastern part of
Chad bordering the Sahara.

Sounds like to me a 'waddie' might be a black cowboy gone to the bad,
rustling and ambushing. Anyone know if rustlers used gullies /
gulches / wadis to pen or run (below the horizon) stolen cattle?

It's a good gimmick, even if not! :)

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