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 d> From: Fredrik Ekman <ekman at lysator.liu.se>

 d> If you mean who professional duck writers see as canon, it
 d> seems as though at least Egmont's writers only go by the Barks
 d> ducks. Perhaps David or some of our other pros can give us more
 d> info on this?

 I'm not sure which David (Rawson or Gerstein) you're referring to,
 but I'll jump in anyway.

 My passing reference about thinking of Bark's while writing is
 true, but I love the work of Daan Jippes. Don Rosa, as I've said
 before, is a great storyteller. His art and ideas are always
 well-integrated. Vicar always improves whatever I write. Van Horn's
 stuff is wonderfully manic. I like Branca's work, particularly his
 'human' characters.

 Taliafero is some ways is more quintessential to me than even Barks
 because his duck had more visual 'attitude' to it. I don't think he
 gets his due primarily because of the nature of strip gags, the
 timing and pacing is much different than in 10 page stories.

 If you think about it, the shorter the page count, the more
 gag-filled Barks' stories were. Think of the Gyro stuff. That's
 another reason I respect Don's craft. He'll chock fill a longer
 story with wonderful throwaway gags happening behind the main
 storyline. He doesn't have to, but he must enjoy it and be having a
 good time. I like that!

 Though I see Barks when I'm writing, I never know who will be
 assigned to what I've written. So Barks is kinda the Rosetta stone
 that I assume both the artist and I will be 'in sync' with.

 I look forward to learning to recognize more and more of the
 wonderful pantheon of artists, former and present. It's a rich
 heritage I'm tapped into. What great fun to learn all this stuff
 and meet new friends at the same time.


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