Mike Pohjola mikep at freenet.hut.fi
Sat Nov 26 21:35:11 CET 1994

    Couldn't Fethry do a come-back as a New Age character? During '70s
he was a hippie, but after that he disappeared. So, why not make him
a dude, who changes his principals as often as his clothes (once in
a decade ;) I would've loved to see a punk duck ten years ago...
    Thanks for the info about the rifle story. I actually had already
send messages to some BBSs that I had psychic powers, because I had
foreseen the story years before :) Neither of you remember, how did
the story end?
> MIKE (I guess you don't pronounce that as Americans would do it ;-) :
    Actually, I do. My real name is Mikko (Mick-oh), but I know about a
hundred other guys named that, so I thought to be cool and start calling
myself Mike ;)
    BTW, couldn't you make some parts to that 313 of yours by hand? Buy some
tin and melt it and make something up ;)


	Mike - The Finnish Trekkie

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