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Mon Oct 3 13:27:52 CET 1994

Apologies to those of you who got a strange message in Norwegian from me. It was due
to a slip of the keyboard when responding to another mail. Please ignore it.

I've been looking around for old issues of Piscou (U$) and Journal de Mickey
for Don. I've only found one so far, (from 1992) which contained "Sa Majeste
Piscou 1er" by D.R. In addition there was a short presentation of Don:

Depuis 1987, Keno Don Rosa a publie plusieurs B.D. dont la plupart sont des suites
de celles crees par Carl Barks. "Mon reve eteait de devenir le nouvau Carl Barks.
On dit qu mes crayonnes resemblent a ceux de Barks, mais l'encrage, c'est du pur
Don Rosa!" Apres avoir lu l'histoire qui suit, tu connaitras tous les details de
la fondation de Donaldville et tu attendras, avide, les nouvelles histoires de
Don Rosa!

Patiance, le mois prochain, Don Rosa est de retour avec 30 pages qui
fount suite a "La Monnaie de Fer Blanc", publiee dans Piscou Magazine
no 186 et dessinee par...
Carl Barks!

According to my very limited French, the meaning should be somewhat like
the following:

Since 1987, Keno Don Rosa have publised several comics, mostly sequels to
those created by Carl Barks. "I dreamt of becoming a new Carl Barks. People find
my pencils resemblant to Barks', but the inking is pure Don Rosa!" After you have
read the following story, you'll know everything about the founding of Duckburg,
and you'll be looking forward to the next stories by Don Rosa!

Be patient, the next month Don Rosa is back with 30 pages in a sequel to
<<I don't understand which story this is, but a literal translation
should be somthing like "The White Iron Coin">>, published in Uncle
$crooge Magazine no 186, and
drawn by Carl Barks!

Whew! I hope I didn't make too many errors in that effort of translation.
I don't know where they've got the statement from Don, and how satisfied he'll
be with the rendering, but at least they pay credit to him, and that's not bad,
taken into account that the Walt Disney Company is a major share holder in
the enterprise who's publishing the magazine.

Lars Lundheim

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