Disney-comics digest #451.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Tue Oct 4 04:41:21 CET 1994

	You want to post the "Wendigo poem" on the Digest? What do you
mean by that? The entire script of Peeweegah dialogue???
	If that's what you actually mean, it would be fine with me...
but where would you get it? Did I send you a copy at some point? Of
course, you couldn't get it from just translating the Dutch version.
	I think that it would be a waste of space if it weren't
accompanied by the rest of the story and art, don't you? I mean, the
greatest funnybook dialogue isn't much without the pictures.
	Would it be a copyright infringement? If a Disney lawyer ever
saw it and wanted to cause trouble, you can be certain that it could be
easilly proven that it's a copyright infringement. You could be certain
that they could prove that every time we say "Disney", it's a copyright
infringement, if they took a mind to.
	In short, do it if you want to, but if I were you I wouldn't.

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