Disney-comics digest #452.

Mikko Henri Juhani Aittola maittola at snakemail.hut.fi
Wed Oct 5 18:46:51 CET 1994

Fredrik wrote:

> OK, so HAWH is published in Norway? Well, it sure isn't in Sweden.
> Was it published in Denmark or Finland? 

    It isn't published in Finland yet. I think it will be published
    in Aku Ankka 1/95 (and that is also Aku Ankka £2000, if I 
    remember right).

About Ben Verhagen:
    I don't want a complete list of his stories. I just misunderstood
    that he is Mickey-artist...

About me:

    Currently I'm in the service of Finnish Army. 11 months starting
    22.8.1994 and ending 17.7.1995. (Every Finnish man's duty is to
    go to army. We get about $4 per DAY for it!!! I think normal payment
    for an HOUR of ordinary work is about $6-$8 in Finland.)
    So currently I'm a bit lazy with Internet but I still read everything
    in here.


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