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Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Wed Oct 5 19:03:50 CET 1994

The "index" directory at the ftp archive of the list now contains the
new extended improved index files.

Here Harry has gathered more or less every Disney comics index we have
had on this list in a single framework.  Thanks a lot, Harry!  For the
first time the source form of the indeces are there too, in the
"index/original" directory, and Harry's programs to make readable
index files out of those in the "index/src" directory.

But the normal way to use this would be to only look at the files in
the "index" directory.  The indeces include listings of all
comics and covers by Carl Barks, Don Rosa, and William Van Horn;
information on where a story with a specific code was (re)printed; 
listings of story by story in the comics issued by Gladstone and
Disney Comics, and also lots of older Western stories, as well as
Dutch and Swedish Disney comics.

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