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Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Sun Oct 9 23:05:08 CET 1994

>      Undoubtedly the most exciting thing I found in my first British 
>weekly (number 39/1994) was -- drumroll, please -- my first Egmont 

WOW! So that was your story. I like it. It's not often we see anything
new in a Magica story, but I can't remember seeing her copying herself
before (lots of other thing though...).
The fight between Magica and her copy (den bleike heksekloningen)
is incredible. Also the story has a funny gag (I'm not sure what to 
call it) at the ending, and that's not too usual nowadays.
I like Branca's art too, but as usual (always), the Egmont coloring
isn't too good. It hasn't been since they changed to gloss paper
in 1962.
In Norway (DD&Co 39) the story is called 'Dobbelt sa effektiv'
(the 'a' in 'sa' is an 'a' with a ring, that's a Norwegian letter
(I wish everybody could use ISO 8859-1...)).
It means something like 'Twice as effective'. The dime is, as 
always, called 'Lykketioringen'.
The incantation on bottom of page two is 'dobbeltheks' which means
'double hex' (do you have a Swedish copy, Don?).

BTW, David. How did you start writing for Egmont, and when will
we see your next story?

Also in this issue is a four pages Gyro Gearloose story, where he
saves the earth from a meteor (D93436).

An 8 pages Donald Duck story where Daisy is a fan of a famous
adventurer, and Donald tries to impress her, to show he is at
least as good (there we go again) (D91425).

One of those awful stories about Mickey, Goofy and that transport
company. Bad story, bad art (D92280). This is the first part of
a continuation story. 

The last one is a one-pager with Donald (KF 11-24-46).

In addition this issue included a reprint of 'Spesialhefte nr. 1
1954'. These specials were monthly, I think. I have the original
issue in my collection. I'm trying to find the English title, but
lysita seems a little unreachable tonight...
Oh, well. The Norwegian title is 'Den smarte Onkel Skrue.'
That is 'Uncle Scrooge, the clever' or something like that.
The Beagle Boys build a house next to the money bin, and plan to
drill a hole into the bin (you know why). Before they get to 
finish that, US moves all his money to a lake, put the bills in
jars, and put them into the lake. 
When the BB try to find out what went wrong, one of them go for
a fishing trip...
It's a great story. One of my fathers favourites. He especially
likes the panel where the dam breaks.

   Jorgen A. Bangor (jorgenb at ifi.uio.no)

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