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Sun Oct 9 23:46:31 CET 1994

>And it's historically incorrect, as Goofy can't be 
>hypnotized according to a lot older story (sorry, don't have the reference 
>here, but it's MM who gets visited by his (claimed) Uncle and Ant.

It's years since I read that story, but yes, you're right. I think they
claim to be Minnies relatives though. She gets quite insulted when 
Mickey is trying to tell her that there is something strange going on.
In Norway this story is published in one of the big 'Jeg' books.
'Vi Mikke & Minni', I think.

Anyway, it's not that long since I read the 'Sinister Sorcerer' by 
Bill Wright (he is the artist, at least).

- Now you are completely in my power... you will obey my commands...
  Listen closely...
- Oh, yeah? Beat it bub... y' bother me!

- Why, I read somewhere that subnormal... er, heh! heh! I mean,
  people with _special_ kinds of minds _can't_ be hypnotized!
- Huh? Oh, yuh mean _I_ got one o' them _special minds_, Mickey?
- Yes... there probably aren't over half-a-dozen minds like yours
  in the whole world, Goofy!
- Uh-haw! Always knew there wuz somep'n _different_ about me!

- Relax... you are very tired... very sleepy!
- Thuh heck I am.. yuh can't hypnertize _me_!
  I got a _special_ mind!

Over to something else.

David found a Rota story in an Egmont monthly from 1979.
I remember that story. Mostly because it's one of the very few good
(IMHO) stories that are published in this magazine. I whish they 
could put those 'Zoom'-or-whatever-it-was stories into it instead
of the weekly, if they _have_ to publish them.
I think I've got to copies of that particular issue, BTW, but one 
of them is in very bad shape.

That reminds me of a question I planned to ask. In 79 the Norwegian
monthly was called 'Donald Duck spesial'. In 1980 its name changed
to 'Mikke Mus'. The change took place over two issues. On the first
one Mickey is remiving the title 'Donald Duck Spesial', and Donald
is of course wondering what is going on. Mickey explains to him that
it's going to be his magazine, because he has never had an own title.
On the next one, Donald is leaving carrying the old title, and 
whishing Mickey good luck.
Now to the question. Did this happen in the other Egmont countries
as well, or was this a Norwegian phenomenon?

BTW, before 'Donald Duck Spesial', it was called 'Walt Disneys Måneds-
blad' (Walt Disneys monthly magazines). It changed its name to 
'Donald Duck Spesial' in 75 or 76. I've got just a few of these. They
contain (as far as I remember) only Italian stories, and not good ones.

   Jorgen A. Bangor (jorgenb at

Ah, yes. Maybe I should put something here too. I've had this in my
.plan for a while now:

                         - I'm Mickey Mouse, and this is Goofy.
                         - Yes, isn't it? 

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