credits, and 'Onkel Dagoberts Schatzruhe'

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Mon Oct 10 00:31:29 CET 1994

That little 'Re:' in the subject line of my previous letters seems
to have disappeared somewhere...

Well, this is not a response to anything, I think :)

A few years ago the Norwegian weekly DD&Co had credits for
all stories. Writer and artist. It was usually placed under
the first panel of each story. Must have been at about the 
same time DD&Co got its present editor. What happened?
Did someone tell him he wasn't allowed to do that? 
And something else.

In a very early posting Harry mentions a series of German
Uncle Scrooge comics ("Abenteuer aus Onkel Dagoberts Schatztruhe").
In Norway these (seven of them) where published as parts of the
album series 'Beste Historier om Donald Duck & Co' (Best stories
of Donald Duck & Co). Did anyone ever find out who made these 
stories. I think they are good, both art and story.
In Norway a couple of these were even published in Nynorsk.
Nynorsk is one of the two versions of Norwegian (the other one,
which is the one most of the population use, is Bokmal).

Harry also mentioned another album series, about cars. One of 
these were published in Norway sometime in the late 80s. Lots 
of Mercedes... 

I am working on a WWW catalog of my collection, and I plan to put
into it information about writers/artists. To do that with more
than 2000 magazines is quiet a job, so I think I will start with 
the albums. There are fewer of them :-)

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>I like your new signature line.  Hope it doesn't cause an avalanche or 
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I like it too. That was the first Barks story I ever read :)
It's in 'Beste Historier om Donald Duck & Co #4'. My father
bought it for me.

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