Disney-comics digest #457.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Mon Oct 10 06:36:58 CET 1994

	My scenes in "heaven" were a little silly? Oh, sure they were, I
guess. Sometimes I think my stories get too serious and bogged down in
detail and authenticity and I'm not silly enough. And of course, I'll
always do sillier stuff than you'd see in a Barks story, since I'm a
product of a childhood spent reading Barks, Will Elder/Harvey Kurtzman,
and watching old movies on TV.
	But if those scenes were somewhat too goofy for you, keep in
mind that I intended to always be able to claim that entire sequence was
a dream of $crooge's oxygen starved brain. I'm still trying to figure
out how to explain that floating sword though. Swamp gas?

	As we probably discussed on here some time back, yes, the
Norwegian (in fact, most ALL the Egmont editions) began listing full
artist/writer credits soon after I went to work for them. But Disney
forced them to stop. In fact, your Norwegian editor told me he was
refusing to let Disney dictate such unreasonable policies to him which
were, in point of fact, even illegal by Scandanavian law. But apparently
Disney has ways of getting their way, because Norway did finally drop
the credits. As it's been explained to me (not by Egmont, since they
won't discuss it officially) there is also a Scandanavian law that says
that writers and artists credited in print for published material are
part owners of their work, and Disney naturally chose THIS as the more
important law and more worthy of violation.
	Why was your message titled "Trojan Horse"? You didn't mention
any Trojan Horse.

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