Ghosts in Disney comics

Knut Hunstad Knut.Hunstad at
Mon Oct 10 07:44:36 CET 1994

Hi, everyone!

>From Dwight Decker:

>The fine line that has to be walked in this instance is
>keeping the ghosts from helping Scrooge too much, so
>that he solves his problems by his own wits instead of
>relying too much on supernatural assistance, and keeping
>Scrooge's life from starting to sound so predestined that
>he achieved his success by luck or spectral intervention
>rather than by his own efforts.

I would agree with you if it weren't for the little extra touch where the 
Ducks in heaven find out that it wouldn't have made any difference. If the 
first of the ghosts (McQuack?) hadn't tried helping him the lightning would 
have... which suddenly reminds me that of course that is also a case of 
(super?)natural assistance (at least it can't be regarded as solving his own 
problems...). But at least it means that he would have survived without the 
ghosts (or how could we know they where right about the lightning if they 
didn't exist outside U$'s mind?)...

Oh, let's not get too hung up in realism here! I thought the ghost part was 
really enjoyable, although quite unusual. And I don't feel a little luck on 
the way ruins the impression of U$ beeing mostly responsible for his success 

Knut Hunstad

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