Disney-comics digest #458.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Tue Oct 11 04:47:57 CET 1994

	It won't be long now before I may or may not see you on my tour
of Sweden and Norway later this month.

	The "death scene" that Geir was referring to one time was NOT
that "Lo$" part V -- in part V you just see a scene which may or may not
have been in $crooge's mind, and even if it wasn't, it was not that he
was actually DEAD, but "between two worlds" (to allude to another old
"ghost" movie). Geir was referring to chapter IX in which a main
character actually does die. But you've seen that already, being in
Europe, eh?

	No, there is precious little time for "belly laughs" in "Lo$".
Each chapter is quite short and must cover so much ground and so many
facts that it's all I can do to tell the story rather than be funny.
You'll notice one difference between the two funniest chapters in the
whole series, V and X -- unlike the other chapters, they do not cover
spans of years but specific days in $crooge's life. Therefore, there is
far more time to develop a plot and add humor.
	But a general lack of action and humor is something I'm
currently wrestling with in even my post-Lo$ stories. It seems that I
became so hung up on basing my stories on historic fact that I've become
bogged down in it. And what's worse, the one story that I felt was
surely too bogged down in fact and lacking in action ("Guardians of the
Lost Library") seemed to have been so popular that even my editor said
it was the best story I'd ever done. That didn't compel me to change my
ways very much. But I need to try harder.

	I try to be fairly careful that LUCK never plays a part in
$crooge's success... nor does direct help from others, short of some
advice which is only natural in the learning process. Where did you see
luck playing a part in that Lo$ V? As you were saying, $crooge would
have beat the Whiskerville on his own if the ghosts hadn't interfered,
and even in putting him back on earth, they still only gave him the
CHANCE to save himself, which he then did without their help and without
	Or do you mean that it would have been luck that would have
helped $crooge beat the Whiskerville if the lightning had only
distracted the bad guy. But the idea was that the lightning would not
have made $crooge flinch because of his stealy nerves -- so it was
$crooge's superiority that would have won for him.

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