The Gleam Robbery

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Tue Oct 11 09:46:07 CET 1994

>       I'm sure someone told you already (I'm on the digests, you know);

Well, this time you beat _me_, because I'm on the digests as well...

And about that hypnotism story (there's a chance David beat me in 
answering this...):

David said:
>      Jorgen:  This story is Gottfredson's "The Gleam" (1941).  One 
> of my all-time favorites.

and I said:
> BTW: the Mickey story about hypnotism that has been discussed here
> is Gottfredson's "The Jewel Robbery", coded in the Database as YM 048,
> running in the newspapers from Jan 19 to May 2, 1942

on which Jo/rgen replied:
> ?

Actually, the story had no title in the newspapers. Is has been reprinted
several times, and had several titles then. "The Gleam" is a title the
Gladstone people chose in their MM Newspaper index (in the book "MM in Color"),
I don't know from which reprint this was. My title ("The Jewel Robbery") was
from the early WDC reprint (WDC 81 - 84).

And I don't know where David got the 1941 date; I think my dates are

>       - Fur gawsh sakes Mickey! I did just what you _told_ me to!           

I think I know this one, but I'll leave it to David.. 8-)


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