Disney-comics digest #459.

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Wed Oct 12 04:20:12 CET 1994

	I'm not sure what you mean by saying that my replies to the
Digest have the same title as the Digest I reply to. Do the Digests have
titles? I notice that my comments always say "Comments on Disney-Comics
Digest #umpty-um-something", if that's what you mean. And who writes the
little title list at the beginning of each Digest? I notice everyone's
contributions seem to have titles that they add themselves, while mine
always have the titles as I describe above. (Surely no big deal, only

	You liked chapter II the least? The other guy liked it the best?
I think I've mentioned before that one thing I've noticed after doing
this job for 8 years, no matter WHAT I do, some people will think it's
my best story, some people will think it's my worst story, and everyone
else will fall somewhere in between. Some people dislike my stories
because they aren't EXACTLY like a Barks story. Some people like my
stuff because they say it's NOTHING like  Barks. Others say they like my
stuff because it's partly Barks and partly lots of other stuff. Some
people like my stories but not my art. Others adore the art. I usually
can tell the people at shows who are only trying to pay me empty
complements so I'll sign their comics or something when they tell me
that, gosh, they can't tell the difference between my art and Barks'
(they'd need to be clinically BLIND for that!). At any rate... you see
how it's impossible to ever gauge when I'm on the right track with what
I'm doing. I think that listening to opinions of Duck fans would give me
an important way to tell what I'm accomplishing... but it's impossible
to do so.
	James, did you say you're currently writing a Duck story that
involves a witches' coven that is trying to corrupt the eternal souls of
humanity? I'm sure you were kidding, right? That sort of thing would
never be even remotely allowed. Fo instance, someone... I think it might
have even been ol' Geir... has often suggested that I should do a story
involving $crooge searching for the Holy Grail, but this is, of course,
impossible. How could I explain what the Holy Grail is? I was about to
do such a story 15 years ago in my "Pertwillaby Papers" comics... those
are my old fan-magazine stories where I originally did several stories
I've since turned into $crooge adventures...and where I foreshadowed
many aspects of the Indiana Jones movies which came a few years later...
but I could mention the Holy Grail in those pages, whereas NOT in a Duck
comic -- nor, I think, should I.

	SOMEBODY was commenting that the Danish and Norwegian Egmont
Disney weekly seem to have recently become quite similar. This is
because they are now put together by the same office, rather than two
different offices. I think Egmont wants to simplify things and have all
the Egmont weeklies be the same (except ads), and save lots of time and
money. I guess this means some people will lose their jobs, but it sure
seems like an obvious way to be doing business; but, thankfully, that's
not part of the business I need to worry about.

	Who's reading the COMPUSERVE Disney-comics-section? It started
very slow, had a surge about a week or two ago, and then dropped stone

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