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Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Fri Oct 14 22:05:11 CET 1994

Now I've read part II of "Historien gjentar seg"
(Horsing around with history), but I don't think I'll say
much more about it. Part II didn't make any surprises, and 
the end is a little abrupt. Looks like van Horn suddenly 
realized he didn't have enough space.

>His best, IMHO, is however "Night of the Saracen", code unknown, another
>Viking story, except it's more like Arabian Nights. Beautiful and moody.
> He even had his name on the *cover*, way back in 1987.
>It was upside down and disguised as Arabian gibberish.

I see that I have to check the frontcovers a bit better in the future.
Does anybody know of any other signatures or other things hidden in the
art (I know Don's D.U.C.K. :)

BTW: What is 'F0K-DD'. I think that I identify the last two letters, but 
what is F0K? It's not hex, anyway...

>That sounds like the previously discussed "This is Your Life, Donald 
>Duck" to me. Although I don't remember seeing any Grandpa, Donald spent 
>his childhood years on Grandma's farm in that story.

I've read that. And I've read Rota's story. But a few days ago, a book
appeared in one of the local comic shops, that I haven't heard of before
(the book).

        "Walt Disney's The life of Donald Duck, 
         a reproduction of the only authorized biography."
            Originally published in 1941. 
               $ 19.95
            Applewood Books
            Bedford, Massachusetts.

It's not a comic book though. It's text and illustrations. I did't look
too close at it, but I did see a drawing of an egg in a nest.

>It's funny that this thread should come up this weekend.  On Friday, 
>I started on my newest duck story which deals with this exact subject.

Do you mean you write duck stories too?

>	I might try another 10-pager, but I really can't get inspired by
>the whole idea. I see these as ADVENTURE characters -- and only
>adventure stories seem worth dealing with. "Gag" stories are too

I think I agree. At least when it comes to you. I mean, you treat them
like adventure characters, and then they feel like adventure characters
when I read one of your stories (adventures). I also like your 10-page
"gag" stories, but it's the adventures that first come to mind when I'm 
thinking about your stories. Since I also like adventure stories better
than gag stories, I would of course prefer to see your talent used to be
doing that (please don't misunderstand. I'm not telling you what to do,
just my humble opinion :) 

When it comes to van Horn, it's gag stories.

>The lack of parents never bothered me, the lack of friends always will.
>Make a list of Donald's closest friends.  Subtract from it anyone
>who is related to Donald.  I bet when you're done, the list is empty

I hope Daisy's not a relative... Gyro doesn't even look like a relative.

I remember that one of Jon Gisle's points in his book "Donaldismen" was 
that none of the civilized persons were parents. Dogs and wolfs on the
other hand...

This discussion about Grandma reminded me of something funny. The only
time I can remember having seen her real name, "Anna Duck", in Norway
is in a Mickey Mouse story.

And now I'll go home to read DDA #29, which I've got at last.

   Jorgen A. Bangor (jorgenb at ifi.uio.no)

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