Database, and colours in Lo$ 5

H.W. Fluks fluks at
Wed Oct 19 14:20:13 CET 1994

Fredrik, about the Disney comics Database:
> How many are interested anyway?

I would like to know that too. If we are the only two, we can continue this
discussion in private mail...

> I wanted some redundancy among the titles [..] I think that was the only
> one of my points that didn't get through [..]

Well, partly. You can explicitly indicate in an 'issue' file that a story
has a title, differing from the "official" one. However, you can't
indicate that a story has NO title. I'll fix that.

> I downloaded the Swedish .issues files [...] all the titles are quite
> useless!

My goal was to have all titles and descriptions in English, everywhere.
But because no English data was available for some entries, I "allowed"
Dutch, Swedish and Danish titles/descriptions. Do you really think all
story titles should be Swedish in the Swedish index? I originally did
that in the Dutch index, but I think it's of no use: most Dutch titles
do not describe the story accurately, and almost everyone can read English

> I suppose the [Swedish] situation is similar although better for the
> American comics.

In the Gladstone and Western indexes, all titles are given as they appear
in that particular issue. Only thing that's wrong on _some_ places is 
when a story has no title in that issue, but it _has_ somewhere else
(the R:-case you described).

> it's really not useful to know which language it originates from.


> ALL NON-ENGLISH issues should have ALL TITLES included in the issue files.

Please propose a handsome lay-out for listing more than one title of a story.

> all Swedish, Danish and other such languages should use the Latin-1 standard

I don't know enough of Latin-1 or any other standards. I use 7-bit ASCII,
which means those funny Scandinavian characters are unreadable for me.
That's why they have disappeared or are replaced by an 'x'.
Any standard my mailer can handle is OK with me.

After all this, a reply to JohnH53688 at (and others):
> I had some problems with a few pages of Lo$ 5 also.

I bought 2 copies of that comic, and I have not seen any colouring problem
at all. Maybe they select the best comics for the European market? 8-)

P.S. Fredrik: what does 'DS.' mean?

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