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Thu Oct 20 10:49:06 CET 1994

Harry Fluks:
> Fredrik, about the Disney comics Database:
> > How many are interested anyway?
> I would like to know that too. If we are the only two, we can continue this
> discussion in private mail...

Count me in...
> > I downloaded the Swedish .issues files [...] all the titles are quite
> > useless!
> My goal was to have all titles and descriptions in English, everywhere.
> But because no English data was available for some entries, I "allowed"
> Dutch, Swedish and Danish titles/descriptions. Do you really think all
> story titles should be Swedish in the Swedish index? I originally did
> that in the Dutch index, but I think it's of no use: most Dutch titles
> do not describe the story accurately, and almost everyone can read English
> here.

Fredrik has a point here; if someone is trying to find out in which issue
a certain story was published, he'll probably search for the title he
remembers it had. If the person is Swedish, he will naturally recall a Swedish
title, not whatever the original one was. Changing the titles in the Swedish
index would mean a *lot* of work, though.

> > ALL NON-ENGLISH issues should have ALL TITLES included in the issue files.
> Please propose a handsome lay-out for listing more than one title of a story.

The lines would be *very* long... :-) No, I don't see the usefulness of listing
*every* Swedish title a certain story has been published with. An issue list
should contain the title of each particular issue, IMO.

> > all Swedish, Danish and other such languages should use the Latin-1 standard
> I don't know enough of Latin-1 or any other standards. I use 7-bit ASCII,
> which means those funny Scandinavian characters are unreadable for me.
> That's why they have disappeared or are replaced by an 'x'.
> Any standard my mailer can handle is OK with me.

And even *if* Harry's software could handle Latin-1, there's absolutely
no guarantee that the nodes between you and him can. At least I can not
send Scandinavian characters to him, they arrive at his place looking
absolutely terrible. At least that what he says - perhaps he's too lazy to
upgrade his programs... :-)

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