Ducks in Academia

Tryg Helseth trygve at
Tue Oct 25 11:11:25 CET 1994


>I accidently discovered this course description on the
>UF English Department Gopher. Four whole weeks (6 hours each) on
>Disney comics! I've got to figure a way to sit in on this course.

Wow!  If that isn't a good excuse for us Northern duck fans to migrate 
south for the Winter, I don't know what is!  I hope you can sit in on the 
class and give us some details.  I wonder what kind of response they will 
get for a class on ducks in a collection of students who grew up on 
superheros?  Maybe there are more latent duck fans than we realize.

>  "A metal misfit in an age that's gone nylon"

Is that an acutal quote from someone, or just something you made up 
for your signature?

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