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Subject: Re: Disney Comics Digest #470 (I think)

Hello, everybody.  I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks now, 
waiting to come up with something intelligent to add to the discussion.  
Unfortunately, I've been having too much fun reading everybody else's 
comments to come up with some of my own.  And besides, I'm nowhere near as 
knowledgeable as everyone else seems to be on the subject.  I'm just a 
comic book/cartoon collecting guy who enjoys Carl Barks and everything 
descended from him.

But I have a couple of comments from what Don Rosa (Hi, Don!) said in his 
part of the digest:

Don, you said something about the silliness of doing comics plot-style, 
versus script style.  I don't think plot-style (also known as 
'Marvel-style' in the US, since that's where it originated from, I think) 
comics turn out quite so bad.  And, likewise, there are many pointless 
script-style comics out there, too.  In fact, some point to the early days 
of Marvel as their best days - and they were all done plot-style.  The 
synergy between Jack Kirby and Stan Lee led to some exciting and interesting 
stories, that not always ended up quite as either of them had expected them 
to.  It adds a certain spontenaity to the titles, I think, as well as a 
little less verbosity. I'm not saying words are bad, it's just that some 
scripters tend to do everything through redundant dialogue.
In fact, one of the generally-agreed upon best super-hero comics in the USA 
is Marvel's Incredible Hulk, done in the Marvel style.  Of course, using 
the same criteria, Sandman is considered far and away the best comic in 
the medium, and that's done script-style.  But don't so easily dismiss the 
plot-style comics.

By the way, I ask this in nearly all the letters I write to Gladstone, but 
I figured you might know something I don't about this: is there any chance 
Gladstone is going to reprint His Majesty, McDuck on the new paper?  It's 
one of the first duck comics I bought and it remains a favorite to this 
day.  I'd love to see it done justice in this new format.  In any case, 
keep up the great work!

David Gerstein: Greetings, fellow APAtoonster!  I suddenly don't feel so 

-Augie De Blieck Jr.

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