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Dwight Decker deckerd at agcs.com
Wed Oct 26 22:43:13 CET 1994

I just thought I'd mention that I'll be in Europe from November 19
to November 28. I plan to start in Copenhagen, drop by the Egmont
offices and pester the editors there, get over to Malmo, Sweden
for a day, spend a day in Hamburg, and finish up at a science-
fiction convention in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Through all this,
I plan to do a lot of shopping (late November in northern Europe
is a lousy time of the year for sightseeing, so what else is
there?). As a translator of several languages into English, I
have to keep my languages up, so I want to buy lots of books,
comics, CDs, and videos in Danish, Swedish, German, and Dutch.
(Yes, I have a PAL-compatible VCR.) I'm also beginning to
collect Disney films dubbed into various foreign languages. This
is probably rank heresy to European Disney fans, who seem to
think their own local dubbed versions stink and the only true
version is the original English version -- but hey, I'm trying to
learn some languages here, and a spoonful of sugar helps the 
medicine go down and all that.
    So I have a few questions for the folks on the disney-comics
list about what's available in your respective countries, so I
can be sure to buy it when I'm there next month. Remember, I'm a
crazy American coming to your country to spend money, and I'll
go away when I run out. This could mean the difference between
1994 being a prosperous year or a recession year in your country!

DENMARK: Is the animated film based on the VALHALLA series of
comic albums currently available on video? (Okay, so it's not
Disney -- but the albums are gorgeous!) Is VALHALLA #10 out yet?
Is Disney's LITTLE MERMAID still available on video in Denmark?
(I mean, what better language to get that story in...?)


erhaeltlich auf Video? ARIELLE?

NETHERLANDS: Has ALADDIN been released on video here yet?

Any information on these questions will be greatly appreciated!
I also plan to buy lots of comic albums, but my choice will probably
depend mainly on what's on the racks the day I walk into the shops.

In other business...Gladstone's Donald Duck Album #10 just came out
and I picked up a copy last night. The Square Eggs story and "Voodoo
Hoodoo" are the featured attractions this time. It's the retouched
version of "Voodoo Hoodoo," by the way. I also bought the new issue
of _Donald and Mickey_, got it home, and discovered a hole punched
through most of the pages, like somebody had tried to stab it with
a steak knife. That's a risk of having a reserve box at the comics
shop: you end up taking what the clerk decides to give you, without
a chance to pick through four or five copies on the rack for the
one in the  best condition. And SNOW WHITE just hit commercial video;
I picked up a laserdisc copy last night. The print's been restored
and the film probably hasn't looked this good in 50 years. The
striking thing about it is how _young_ Snow White is. She's a girl,
maybe 14, not a mature woman. Kind of young to be getting married,
but then they did marry young in the Middle Ages. (As the saying
goes, by the time an actress is proficient enough to play Juliet
in Romeo and Juliet, she's too old for the part...)

--Dwight Decker

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