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Larry Gerstein gerstein at
Thu Sep 15 01:22:11 CEST 1994

        Hi, Folks!


>         I've just completed the script for a Duck story done directly for
> Gladstone: the "Pirate Gold" sequel "Return to Morgan's Island," which will
> be a 26-pager.

        "You mean they found an artist to draw stories like this? Is this
the same artist James was talking about?"

        Nope.  Craig Deeley (the artist for "Morgan's Island") is a
personal friend of mine, who I first met when Bob Foster introduced us
1-1/2 years ago.  I have no idea who's going to draw James' stories -- and
have not in fact talked of those stories with John Clark at all.  Why
should I be nosing through James' business (without his permission that is


        David Gerstein
        <gerstein at>

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