Disney-comics digest #425.

Larry Gerstein gerstein at math.ucsb.edu
Thu Sep 15 01:25:17 CEST 1994

        Dear Folks,

"I saw a long Dutch Scrooge story a few weeks ago, with art that looked very
much like Pat Block's. Did he draw a story for GP in Holland, before he
worked for Gladstone?"

        No, Harry... I can't imagine who drew this story (which I haven't
seen, as I don't regularly get the Dutch comics).  Pat Block's stories are,
so far:

        DDA 27:  "Mystery of Widow's Gap"
        DDA 30:  "No Time for Christmas"
        DDA 32 (?):  "The Secret of the Dragon's Den"

        This last is a terrific show-stopper with much better dialogue than
has been the case up until now.  The art is much better, too -- just
magnificent!  And with the Xmas tale, it's already a cut above what we've
seen.  Pat Block is getting places, FAST.

        He also sent me a beautiful drawing of a Gottfredson-style 1930s
Goofy just the other day.  I practically fell over flat when I saw it!

        David Gerstein
        <gerstein at math.ucsb.edu>

gerstein at math.ucsb.edu

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