Disney-comics digest #427.

Larry Gerstein gerstein at math.ucsb.edu
Thu Sep 15 01:36:30 CEST 1994

        Dear Folks,

        ROC mentioned that the "first of the "new" [Egmont] MM stories
takes Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy to an uncharted island in the
Bermuda-Shorts-Triangle, where they encounter an alien spaceship, a boa
constrictor, Pegleg Pete & his pirates, and an 'alternate' Mickey and
Minnie, while Goofy plays cards with a couple of his favorite cartoon
heroes - a stuffed donkey (Eeyore), a bear (Humphrey?) and an unidentified
fish - and loses heavily."

        I have Byron's original English script, which I requested from
Egmont's Anina Bennett.  In English, the fish is Flip the Fish (an homage
to Ub Iwerks' Flip the Frog), the bear is Bunko Bear (with an accent like
that of Barnstable Bear in Kelly's POGO) and the donkey is NOT Eeyore.  The
setting is actually the "Remuda" Triangle, and the story -- because the
island is controlled by this mysterious force that causes anything to
happen that our heroes can imagine -- is called "Fantasy Island."  Nyuk,
nyuk.  It's a GREAT story in English... I can't wait to see it here!

        But it's NOT the first Egmont MM to appear in Gladstone.  The one
coming in DM 27 (or wherever) is called "MM and the Weather Wizard" and is
an earlier one Byron wrote.  It will be followed by an Esteban Mickey from
c. 1989, then an Italian story -- we may not see "Fantasy Island" here for
a year or so (but don't hold me to that...)

        Thanks a LOT for the Moe checklist.  I'll get John Clark on the
hog-calling path right away!  Soooo-eeeeee!

        I shall return!


gerstein at math.ucsb.edu

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