The Most Dangerous Game

Larry Gerstein gerstein at
Thu Sep 15 01:46:42 CEST 1994

        Dear Folks,

        Here's Don Rosa:  "I haven't seen that new UNCLE $CROOGE ADV. yet,
but just from your brief description of the plot, I can tell that story is
a very
direct swipe of "The Most Dangerous Game", an old story filmed MANY times,
most noteably in 1932 simultaneously with KING KONG by the same director,
stars and with the same sets. Maybe it's considered fair game for swiping
as the story is notorious as being swiped by filmmakers for over a

        Actually, this particular story (titled "Danger Island," I don't
have the code handy) makes constant reference to the story that inspired
it.  As Scrooge says, "the old story about the man who hunted MEN -- ha! 
You can't be SERIOUS!"  If this tale originally contained no references to
its inspiration, I'll -- I'll be doggoned, that's what.

        David Gerstein
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