Disney-comics digest #436.

Tryg Helseth trygve at maroon.tc.umn.edu
Sun Sep 18 22:44:54 CEST 1994

>	My request to see a subscriber list was because I sometimes
>wonder if anyone at the Disney (or Egmont) corporations are reading
>these words. [...]I have no fear that The Weasel is reading these words.

Oh, I get it now--pardon my slowness to pick up on that.

>	And I don't know if it's a good idea or not to post the contents
>of this Digest on that COMPUSERVE Disney section -- that's up to Per.

I don't think it would be worthwhile; nor do I think that cross-posting all
the CompuServe messages here would be of much benefit.  I could see 
cross-posting specific messages if they had some importance, though.  And 
it probably wouldn't hurt to mention the existance of this list to CS users 
now and then.

>And I can see how, if anything, it might compel some subscriber to drop
>off here if he thinks that he can see this material on COMPUSERVE. Heck,
>it would suit me -- I'd no longer have to pay these Internet fees...

I'd guess your case is the exception rather than the rule as most CS users 
end up paying for forum messages.  Furthermore, I wonder what percentage of 
the subscribers here use CS for the mailing list.  Maybe Per could supply 
us with some statistics on that...  A Per-centage perhaps? :)

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