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Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Mon Sep 19 14:47:59 CEST 1994

Don wrote:
> PER:
>	I think, maybe, my request to you through the Digest to send me
> a listing of the subscribers was passed directly on to at least one of
> those "lurkers" themselves, as private mail. That's the only explanation
> I can see for the plaintive message I just received from a "DavidH1006"
> saying "How am I suppose (sic) to. I'm only a regular subscriber." He
> must have received my request for a subscriber list, I guess.

What do you mean?  Of course he received that request as you sent it
to the whole list.  If you want to send something just to me, then
send it to me instead.  That way I will read it sooner too, as those
who try to unsubscribe to the list by sending a request to the whole
list instead of just to me have found out.

David Hanson is one of our newest members, and your message was
probably (one of) the first from the list he received, so I think he
can be excused if he didn't realize that it wasn't sent just to him.

Generally speaking I don't see much point in this checking of who
reads the list.  This is a public list, so everyone is to allowed to
subscribe to it, and what's more, everything written to the list is
available in a public archive over the net.  If there's anything you
all don't want to write in a public forum then don't write it here,
because this is a public forum.  Simple as that.

Anyway, there seems to be widespread interest in a list of members of
this mailing list, so I'll send one out later.  If anyone thinks this
is a bad idea, and doesn't want their address and name to be listed
like that, please write me a letter as soon as possible stating so and
--       "
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