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Fri Sep 30 16:06:00 CET 1994

>Something special is probably also in the pipes for Egmont's
>complete edition, scheduled for 1996.

I've never heard of this.  I assume it's Egmonts answer to 
Another Rainbow's The Carl Barks' Library.

>As so many others Richard Arnold 'Dick' Moores (1909-?) got into 
>Disney's rapidly growing industry in 1942. Apparently he is one of the 
>few artists who weren't transfered from the animation department, and 
>his first jobs were inking Gottfredson and Murry (Jose Carioca sundays).

Interesting, I didn't realize that Dick Moores did newspaper work for 
Disney.  I also never realized that Jose Carioca was popular enough in 
the US to have his own Sunday strip.  Were these published in the US or 
were they done for foreign markets?  The newspaper work must have been 
contagious because when Dick Moores left Disney, he created his own comic 
strip called 'Gasoline Alley'.

>Ain't it about time we got a creator hoozoo on ftp too?

The lack of one is my fault.  I volunteered to write an FAQ including 
a section on the creators.  Shortly after I volunteered, my comic book 
writing finally took off and I never had the time to complete this task.
I'd be happy to contribute to such a task, but there is now way I'll
have the time to write one myself.

James Williams

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