A few comments to David

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Wed Apr 26 23:26:10 CEST 1995

> The U$ "Black Diamond" story D91392 is drawn by Scalabroni

Ah, so he is doing other things than these stupid Gyro stories. The art
in this story is even quite good.

> Also, you mention an artist named "David" -- do you mean Xavi here?

No. I have no idea who he is, but when DD&Co gave credits, his name was
under some "Chip'n Dale" and "Br'er Rabbit" stories. He seems to be the
one who draw Br'er Rabbit with that big hair curl on the top of the head.
Extremely cute, but not bad.

> Super Goof (D91310, 6 pages). The art looks like Ferioli.

> This is actually by Esteban, one of the last "good" stories he did 
> before the art editors laid down the law that he had to begin drawing 
> like Paul Murry c. 1971.  (That is no joke -- it's actually what 
> happened.)

Difficult to find anything to say to that... Where is Esteban now, BTW?

Next week there will be a new viking story by Marco Rota in DD&Co.


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