DD&Co #14

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Wed Apr 26 23:30:23 CEST 1995

Now it's almost a month since I sent the last review of the Norwegian
weekly. Here comes three new reviews, at last. Sorry for the delay.

Donald Duck & Co #14 1995

- Junior Woodchucks (H92107, 12 pages). Art by Daan Jippes (can't be
anyone else).
The Woodchucks are going out in the desert to search for some hidden
gold. They're doing this because they need money. Out there they 
discover a flock of wild horses. They also discover some hunters 
who are catching the horses. They (the Woodchucks) don't take this
too seriously until they discover that the horses are being sent to
a factory producing dog food. The hunters, although being pictured
as bad guys, are doing this legally, and the Woodchucks use their 
last money to buy the horses. Seemingly because of gratefulness,
the horses show them where the gold is hidden.
Is this one of the Barks/Jippes stories? It isn't mentioned in Harry's 
index. The art is very good. The story, although not at all bad, isn't 
too exciting, but it is quite interesting.

- Mickey Mouse (D93391, 6 pages). Art by Scott Saavedra.
Mickey and Goofy are hired to move a car from Duckburg, to some 
other place, for some millionaire. Of course this isn't as easy as it
seems to be...
The story is just pointless. The art isn't extremely bad, but he could
use some more shading here ;-) The art was better, much better actually, 
in that jungle story.

- Donald Duck (D92540, 4 pages). Art by Xavi.
Donald is hired to run a post office. He's following every rule in
the book. This doesn't exactly make him popular, and he can't expect 
to be treated very kind when he suddenly meet his first customer when
he's about to start his car. The car isn't parked correctly, and the 
earlier customer shows up to be a parking guard.
Nice idea, but four pages?

- The Beagle Boys (D93295, 6 pages).
The BB are trying to steal some money from a yacht belonging to a film

- Uncle Scrooge (D94066, 8+ pages). Don Rosa.
Second part of the story. I'll write about this story later.

- Pluto (KF 8.13.39, 1 page).


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