Universal Solvent - and physics

Jacob Sparre Andersen sparre at connect.nbi.dk
Fri Apr 28 16:55:10 CEST 1995

Now you've been talking so much physics, that I feel I can put in some 
(non Disney comics related) comments, even though I haven't seen the first 
two parts of the Universal Solvent story yet.

Don Rosa (to Jorgen):
|         You're quite wrong about how air would behave in a vertical shaft.
| Yes, air in some container at the earth's surface would leak out to the area
| of lesser pressure. But why then doesn't the earth's air all escape into
| space? Gravity. Air has weight. That's why there's air pressure. The air in
| the shaft would flow towards the bottom. Now, that still doesn't mean that
| whole idea would work perfectly. The gravity down there would have been so
| slight that there might have been problems with breathing. But I naturally
| take some licenses and just decide that things will work (otherwise the
| Ducks would die and the story would end). The pressure of the air higher in
| the shaft weighed down on the air at the bottom, making it dense enough to
| be breathable. Yeah, that's the ticket.

I agree with the conclusion, but not the argument.:-)

Since the volume of the shaft is neglible compared to the atmosphere, the 
pressure at the top of the shaft will be unchanged (101,3 kPa), and the force 
towards the center of the Earth will result in an increasing pressure down 
through the shaft. Actually I think the problem rather would be too high, than 
too low pressure.

Did I miss something obvious?

Does anyone know if it's possible to get the Danish AA&Co. #13 and 14 

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