Universal Solvent - and physics

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Fri Apr 28 17:21:57 CEST 1995

> Since the volume of the shaft is neglible compared to the atmosphere, 
> the pressure at the top of the shaft will be unchanged (101,3 kPa), 
> and the force towards the center of the Earth will result in an increasing 
> pressure down through the shaft. Actually I think the problem rather would 
> be too high, than too low pressure.

The pressure at the top of the shaft is 0. They built a house at the top
and removed all the air from it. If they didn't, the air would continue to
flow into the shaft and end up in the solvent. This would go on until the 
pressure at the surface was to small to push more air into the shaft.

The air in the shaft came into it before it was sealed.


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