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Daniel van Eijmeren daniel at
Wed Aug 2 00:23:26 CEST 1995


Congratulations with your award! Very kind of you to show it with 
holding it against the screen, but I have to admit I couldn't quite 
clearly see it because the screen was also full of your writing. 
Maybe it's a good idea to show it to us in the background of your 
next story (for example in Scrooge's office) as a little background 
detail? Or wouldn't Gladstone/ Egmont allow that?


> You're way too polite to people who call this an "idiot mailing list".

Well, maybe. It's just that I can understand the problem with getting 
desperate after sending several unsubscription-messages and still 
getting the mail or digests every day.

But on the other side, and that's more important: If you want to 
unsubscribe to this club, it means that you once got *subscribed*. 
And subscribing to this club means that Per sends you message to 
*read* (and *not* the rhyming word *delete*!). In that message is 
explained (maybe repeately) how to unsubscribe, it just makes me 
wonder how people can get that *idiot* not doing that! (Impolite 

I have a kind of standard message here that I send to people who send 
their unsubscription-message to the club. It's just for the reason 
that I hate it that when I think there's something posted, the message 
just says "please, unsubscribe me".

But maybe Per can be more clear about this problem in his message? 
I don't know, I can't remember now how that message looked like
(although *I've kept it* in my mailbox-archive!). 

> People like that deserve to receive the entire archives, database, and
> other ftp files, and the obligation to READ it all.

Maybe *everyone in the world* must be obliged to read the contents 
of this club and the Disney comics? We could at least do that in 
America, we just have to search that long-lost *golden helmet*! ;-)

> After all, we are NOT idiots, are we? 

No, at least I'm not an idiot, I'm an *automobile*! <ROAR!> ;-)

> Although... I had a hard time explaining to my colleague last week 
> why I wanted to receive e-mail messages about Disney comics. "What 
> on earth is there to discuss about DISNEY comics? Disney COMICS? 
> That children's stuff?" 

Well, let's say your collegue is now obliged to read the entire work 
of "our" Don Rosa! (Hmmm, not quite a punishment!)  ;-)


--- Daniel

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