San Diego

Sharon L Branvold branvold at
Wed Aug 2 06:17:07 CEST 1995

It has taken me a little longer to get back to this list after my return 
from San Diego.  It was great fun seeing my "old" buddy Don Rosa.  We 
walked the convention floor seeking out some interesting comics and 
memorabilia.  I really enjoyed the Disney panel hosted by our own David 
Gerstein.  He kept things rolling and even got to relate what he is 
working on,and on and on.  We had good fun with David at meals where he 
was often asked to show his I.D. as he is youger looking than his 21 years.
He does not have a drivers license, so he would show the scripts he had 
done to try convince people he was older.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes 
it did not. I still find it amazing that David submitted a script to 
Gladstone when he was 14 years old.  The Egmont dinner on Saturday evening
was especially fun with Byron Erickson,Don Rosa,Pat Block & wife,David, 
Fabio,Dwight Decker,Dave Rawson,Bob Foster & wife, and a few others 
sitting away from me that I have forgotten their names.
     On another note, I need to clear up a mistake I made on a recent 
letter to this group concerning the "fax" that Bill Grandey sent to 
Europe that started the lawsuit fiasco.  The fax was sent not to a "fan" 
as I thought but to Don Rosa's boss Eckhardt Bulterman.  It got to me 
through a "fan".  The only other question I now raise is: How did Bill 
Grandey and his lawyer have everything written about Don Rosa and Carl Barks
that ever appeared in this group.  Bill Grandey is not on-line.  Did Mr. 
Lustig supply them with all that?  One last thing, "evil genius" was a 
term used by someone other than Dob Rosa, and Don repeated it in "qoutes"
when he mentioned it at a later time.
we'll be in touch.---Barry Branvold---

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