Dwight / Harry

Arthur_de_Wolf wolfman at pi.net
Sat Aug 5 07:16:00 CEST 1995

> My apologies. I thought you'd been here longer than that, and I'd
> forgotten that a newbie Just Doesn't Know about the things we grey-haired
> old veterans have talked about to exhaustion. I'm sorry for barking and
> snapping at you. May your stay om the ML be long and pleasant!

Well, it's okay. I already thought, that you didn't know of me, being
a "newbie". And I must say, my stay on this ML has been very 
pleasant so far.

> I advise you to read the ARCHIVES of this mailing list, e.g. beginning a
> few months before you came. Maybe this is also what Dwight meant.

That's a good idea. I'll go to the archives right away....


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