King Scrooge "the Last"

Daniel van Eijmeren daniel at
Wed Aug 16 15:59:52 CEST 1995


>> Barks left his real last story "King Scrooge the First" unfinished
>> as a script. Tony Strobl finished it, Barks script is lost since then.

>  How much lost can a script get?

What do you mean with that?

> I hope Daan Jippes will eventually get around to 'finishing' that 
> story, as it is sadly overlooked, though it is (was?) Barks' goodbye 
> to comics. 

Well, it wasn't overlooked. Artist Ulrich Schroder once inked the 
story, but he *destroyed* (!!!) that art when he got it back for some 
revisions. A frustrating fact is that he did his job very good, you 
can still see a half page of that work in the CBL.

I don't know what was going on in Schroder's mind when he destroyed 
the art, it's very difficult to understand that an artist can do such 
things to art on which he had a lot of work.

> It also touches on that interesting topic of $crooge's death. 

In "King Scrooge the First"??? I think you're wrong, it's the swami 
who dies. I guess you're referring to "Go Slowly, Sands of Time" in 
which Scrooge is dying (although that isn't mentioned). Barks made 
only the text for that story, later he did also some drawings. (In 
first instance the story was left unused.) 

--- Daniel

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