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Tue Aug 22 19:00:49 CEST 1995

> > - Iceland	(???)
> Andres O"nd. We used to have an Icelandic member. What happened to Sigurdur?
> And you can also add the Faeroer to your country list.
> --Harry.

What th-?! Are there really Faeroese-language Disney comics being
published? With a population in the 50,000 range, it's hard to 
imagine the circulation of a comic book for children being large
enough to be profitable. I know there are ways to produce comics
for small countries fairly cheaply, such as combining the print
run with that for one or more other languages and just changing the
black plate with the lettering at appropriate intervals. But still,
the Faeroes just seem a little _too_ small for even that.

However, Mr. Decker is an ignorant man. As I have proven many times
on this ML, I know somewhat less than everything. Could you tell me
more about Faeroese Disney comics?

There was a Faeroese guy on the ML at least as of a few months ago,
though I believe he was a student in Denmark at the time.  I was in
touch with him briefly in connection with a story I was trying to
write, set in the Faeroes circa 987 AD, and I was hoping he could
help me get the background reasonably correct. But, I was a little
slow writing the story and we lost touch...(sigh).

--Dwight Decker

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