The Faeroe Islands?

Arthur_de_Wolf wolfman at
Wed Aug 23 05:29:01 CEST 1995


> And you can also add the Faeroer to your country list.

The Faeroe Islands? (Danish Faeroerne or F{roerne). Isn't that an island 
group, which is an integral part of Denmark in the North Atlantic Ocean, 
about midway between the Shetland Islands and Iceland, formed by a sub-
marine eruption of basalt during the Tertiary period, in which a "coal 
formation" of fireclay, sandstone, shale and brown coal makes up the 
secondary stratum which was afterwards topped by dolerite?

Sure! I know of those islands! But ... why do they have their own
Disney-comics if it's a part of Denmark? I know that the inhabitants are 
of Scandinavian descent and still speak a modified form of the old Norse 
called Faeroese! But I it's only an area of 1399 sq km (540 sq mi) with
a population (1989 estimate) of 47,800. Are you SURE of these faeroesian 

Thanx for the info on Iceland and Finland. I can add THAT to my list now!


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