The Faeroe Islands?

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Wed Aug 23 08:09:31 CEST 1995

On Tue, 22 Aug 1995, Arthur_de_Wolf wrote:

> Sure! I know of those islands! But ... why do they have their own
> Disney-comics if it's a part of Denmark? I know that the inhabitants are 
> of Scandinavian descent and still speak a modified form of the old Norse 
> called Faeroese! But I it's only an area of 1399 sq km (540 sq mi) with
> a population (1989 estimate) of 47,800. Are you SURE of these faeroesian 
> Disney-Comics?

I've heard about Disney comics (Egmont) in Laplandish (is that the word 
in English?) isn't there less than 47,800 people speaking that?


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